In the Community

  • Our school garden program exposes the next generation of rural Nicaraguans to the philosophy, principles and practice of sustainable development while providing more nutritious and varied school lunches. The hands-on curriculum covers basic plant and soil science, pest management, ecology, and nutrition. We also introduce these small farmers to the important practices of composting and mulching. The school garden program has the greatest impact when we are able to involve all members of the community – school children and their siblings, parents, teachers, neighbors, and local and federal government.
  • Our Young Entrepreneur program provides the basic business skills for young people interested in starting small enterprises that foster community and economic development. Many of the small businesses established by these young people integrate with other small businesses in the community and provide needed inputs and services for residents and existing businesses.
  • Collaboration is a consistent programming theme. SosteNica acts as a catalyst to bring neighbors together, stimulate new thinking, and complete projects that require cooperation among multiple community members.

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Community Programming

In the Field

Our recipe for smallholder farm success...restore soil health, add water, diversify to manage risk, work with natural systems, and gain access to markets.  

In the Home

The health and safety of the family is paramount so we focus on clean cookstoves and access to water.  

In the Community 

The community is where all of SosteNica’s efforts come together…educating and training young people, building connections, demonstrating sustainable technologies, and linking agro-entreprenuers to markets.