What we do

SosteNica’s loan and grant programs are designed to strengthen Nicaraguan communities.

Our work constitutes an integrated effort to assure that the Nicaraguan culture and way of life have a sustainable future despite the homogenizing pressures of the global economy. SosteNica’s efforts to support long term sustainable economic growth and environmental improvements are highlighted in the short documentary at the bottom of this page.  To read about each of its programs, follow the links below:

Microcredit: SosteNica’s resources and 100% of its investments provide much needed microcredit to INDIVIDUAL BORROWERS in the Pacific coast region of Nicaragua.

In 2011 SosteNica celebrated a decade of providing microcredit to Nicaraguan borrowers. The stories of ten of these borrowers can be found under “The SosteNica Family”

Rural Sustainable Development: SosteNica provides ongoing financial support of educational programs and technical support for rural farmers to improve the financial and environmental sustainability of their farms.

Agroecology: Through its partner organizations in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the US, SosteNica has introduced its Nicaraguan partners to the principles of Agroecology.

Green Building: SosteNica supports the construction of much-needed environmental and social housing in Nicaragua, both with financial and technical resources.

Newsletters: Read more about SosteNica’s programs, achievements, borrowers, and partners in this library of Spring and Fall newsletters.