Vision & Mission

The path to a world without poverty is based in dignity, environmental stewardship, and strong community values.

SosteNica empowers the people of Nicaragua to achieve healthy lives within vibrant, sustainable communities. SosteNica accomplishes this mission through relationships among international community members that support

(i) micro-credit,

(ii) delivery of education programs focused on sustainable agriculture, forestry, and ecosystem restoration,

(iii) formation of markets for locally and sustainably produced goods, and

(iv) incubation of small and medium enterprises.

 At SosteNica, we have a dream.

We dream of rural Nicaraguan families owning their own land, and on that land growing everything they need to lead healthy lives.

We dream of communities of Nicaraguan families, which support one another in good times and in difficult times — families, which celebrate together and grieve together.

We dream of a verdant Nicaraguan landscape and an intact ecosystem — free of toxins and pollutants, and rich with biodiversity, clean air and fresh sweet water.

We dream of ordinary Nicaraguan families having enough resources locally so that they will never think of immigrating to another country in search of work — families, who love where they live and what they do.

We dream of young families living in ecological homes, which they built with their own hands from locally available materials, and which are both beautiful and sustainable.

We dream of a world in which people with resources in one country reach out their hands to support people in another country, who are struggling to make a sustainable life..

We dream of a community of people in the US whose investments reflect their values, where their doing well does not conflict with their doing well.