Board of Directors

Alan Wright

Founder and President of SosteNica, Alan has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Yale University.  Since 1984 he has worked for social and economic justice in Nicaragua.  Alan lived and worked in Nicaragua with his wife and two children from 1990 through 1995.  He is currently working to fund delivery of micro-credit and bio-intensive agriculture training to rural Nicaraguan communities. In addition to his work on behalf of Nicaragua, Alan promotes agro-ecology and food forestry in the U.S. and Mexico.

Joseph DeNicola

Chief Executive Officer, Joe received his B.A. from Yale University in 1986 and his M.F. from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 1996. He has significant professional experience in financial services and general management including 25 years with GE Capital and The Prudential. In addition, Mr. DeNicola founded and led the Candlewood Timber Group, a sustainable forestry company operating in Argentina. He is the Treasurer of the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance and past Chair of the Board of Solar Youth, a nonprofit dedicated to youth leadership development.

Elizabeth Gibbs

“Tish” serves as SosteNica’s Board Secretary.  She is a graduate of Wheaton College.  Tish is a former City Counsel Woman of Norwalk, CT where she was also City Clerk.  She has been a long time grant writer for Norwalk Community College and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project and the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium.  She is the Director of the Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project and has served on the board of the project for all of its 27 years.

Peter Guarino

Peter has a Ph.D. in biostatistics from the University of London and a Master’s degree in infectious disease epidemiology from Yale University. For over fifteen years, he has worked in public health and conducted clinical research.  He is currently the director of a VA clinical research center  and an assistant clinical professor of biostatistics at the Yale School of Public Health. Peter has also assisted with development projects in the U.S., the Dominican Republic and Kenya.

Tim Keyes

Board Treasurer, Tim holds a B.S. from Ashland University, an M.S. from Miami University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati, all in the state of Ohio. His professional experience includes quantitative risk management and systems analysis while employed for 7 years at Measurex (a Honeywell company), and 22 years at General Electric - 17 at GE Capital. He presently is Principal of Evergreen Business Analytics, LLC. Tim is an avid outdoorsman/trekker, mentoring mountain climbers as a member of the Adirondack 46ers.

Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay is an ecological designer, artist, and local food advocate. As an associate designer at the Regenerative Design Group, she combines her knowledge and experience in agroecology, sustainable farming, community development, and graphic design to create landscape design solutions that integrate cultural sensitivity and environmental integrity. In 2009 she received a Fulbright grant to work with sustainable farming and watershed protection in Nicaragua, and completed a course in Agroecology and Biointensive Agriculture at the Las Cañadas education center in Huatusco, Mexico. From 2009 - 2015 she lived and worked with rural farmers in Nicaragua as project manager for SosteNica. She holds an MS in Ecological Design from the Conway School of Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design, and a BA in Anthropology from Wesleyan University.

Owen Owens

Owen has a Ph.D. in Sociology of Religion from UC Berkeley. He is an ordained minister and the author of several books.  He has served as chair of the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Working Group where he coined the term “eco-justice.”   Owen has, for many years, been director of the Environmental and Racial Justice department for the American Baptist Church’s Office of National Ministries.

DeLaura Padovan

DeLaura Padovan lives a homesteader's life in an off-the-grid hand-built log cabin with her husband, 2 daughters and numerous goats and chickens. She teaches Spanish, music, folk dancing and practical life skills to people young and old in her home state of Virginia and around the country. She directed the King George Farmers' Market for 4 years and joyously spent the first 6 months of 2016 at SosteNica's Eco Centro ​in Nagarote helping to get the mercadito campesino up and running. DeLaura and her family have been supporters of SosteNica since the 1990's and she is delighted with her new opportunity to serve on SosteNica's board of directors.

Michael Zeman

Mich is Head Minister of the Talmadge Hill Community Church in Darien, CT and a practicing psychoanalyst.  He began his career in 1973 working in a remote village in Northern Kenya where he first wrestled with the challenges of sustainable development.  Since that time, as a teacher, minister, therapist and community builder, he has maintained a strong commitment to helping the underprivileged.  His three grandchildren are his great joy and delight.