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Preparing cattle feed for the dry season

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Natural building methods incorporating appropriate eco-technologies

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We help small farmers gain access to credit they wouldn't normally have.



For more than 20 years, socially responsible donors and investors have sent some of their assets to Nicaragua through SosteNica.   Our goals include social justice, sustainability, economic development, and environmental stewardship.   Social justice and economic development come about when low-income borrowers access needed credit to realize their productive potential…read more

Sos Productivo

Sos Productivo

SosteNica and CEPRODEL have launched a five-year effort to supply 50 families in the Nagarote region with the tools, the seed, the training, and the motivation to diversify their family farms while reforesting and restoring part of the micro-watershed “66” along the Tamarind River.  “Sos Productivo”–the name of the program–announces to the participants, “You are productive!”…read more

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing

When is a small house more than mere shelter?  When it is built with your own hands, using locally available building materials.  SosteNica is promoting a rediscovery of earthen construction in housing cooperatives, complemented by eco-technologies such as: composting toilets designed to recycle nutrients back into the soil to retain and build fertility; plant based grey…read more

About SosteNica

SosteNica’s collaborative work integrates environmental and educational projects with financial services, creating a holistic and long-term approach to the alleviation of poverty in Nicaragua.  Our technical assistance, rural education and loan programs strengthen Nicaraguan communities, ensuring that Nicaragua’s culture and way of life have a sustainable future.  SosteNica offers socially conscious investors in the US an opportunity to use their financial resources constructively, while having a positive impact on Nicaraguan communities.  SosteNica affords the productive poor of Nicaragua — small farmers and micro-enterprises — access to otherwise scarce credit.  Tax deductible donations to SosteNica are used to provide: appropriate technical assistance to our clients; natural sustainable housing and eco-technologies; and green credit for small business ventures building a new more sustainable economy in Nicaragua.


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